2017, June 7-11th

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World Champions at Pannonian Challenge

It’ll get crowdy in Osijek’s park Rush of adrenaline can almost be felt, for what other reason than that there’s only 20 days before the 18th edition of Pannonian Challenge. […]

What do people from Osijek think of Pannonian?

Pannonian Challenge is one of the most recognizable symbols of Osijek, an ongoing event for 18 years. Can you believe that it’s been so long? We can, because those were […]

Extreme interview: Marin Ranteš

Since his earliest days, Marin Ranteš tried many sports, such as soccer, basketball and handball, but BMX changed his life completely! In his hometown Varaždin, this hero didn’t have a […]

Traditions at Pannonian

THE BEST!! Where’s bigger adrenaline rush, better positive energy, bigger number of falls, jumps, and better and crazier parties than at Pannonian Challenge?! We’ve been creating tradition ever since 2005, […]

LCC gang

There’s no traffic sign, bench, door, or bucket that doesn’t have an LCC sticker. A definition of combining work and pleasure is the skaters’ collective LCC from Osijek that consists […]


Joey Egan / inline

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Roman Abrate / inline

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Danilo Pisanjuk / skate

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Kai Schweizer / skate

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Kostya Andreev / bmx

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Daniel Dhers / bmx


5x X Games Gold Medallist 07, 08, 10, 11, 13.
4x Dew Cup BMX Park Champion 06,07,08,10.
1x NORA Cup Ramp Rider of the Year 2008.

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Logan Martin / bmx

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Kevin Peraza / bmx

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Kenneth Tencio / bmx

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Mike Varga / bmx

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Alex Coleborn / bmx

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Timotej Lampe Ignjić / skate

Absolute Winner

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Fabian Lang / skate

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Michael Fitschi Tan / skate

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Norbert Szombati / skate

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Tomislav Vranić / skate

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B-Boy Nito / breakdance

Original Skillz Croatia

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Antonio Peković / skate

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Michael Beran / bmx

360 bikeflip to tailwhip?

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Joe Atkinson / inline

Joe Atkinson was born in 1992 in Pontefract West Yorkshire in England. He started rolling in 1995 and now he represents LOCO skates and the Garlic Club.

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Stephane Alfano / inline

Last year results
2nd Pony Cup 2015
2nd Extreme Barcelona 2015
2nd Pannonian Challenge 2015

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Line up

Music history of Pannonian

Do you remember of all the performers we’ve had on Pannonian Challenge? Our team will remind you with a brief overview of the previous years. We’ll be dating back to […]

Uno, due, tre – Bad Copy is coming

Pannonian Challenge has the most exciting line-up so far Esi mi dobar? (Are you good?) – Bad Copy will ask you once you get to Pannonian Challenge’s best edition so […]

After by after – DJ Pips

Although ABOP (After je Bolji od Partija – After Is Better Than the Party) will be performing on Friday, the real after party will be held by DJ Pips! Right […]

Frenkie & Sassja at Pannonian

Never enough rap on the 10th of July! Adnan Hamidović Frenkie, who will perform for the Osijek’s audience in Vega, is one of the most successful and influential rappers from […]

ABOP is coming to Pannonian!

This year we’ll have more performers than usual, and one of the most famous bands is ABOP or After je Bolji od Partyja (After is Better Than the Party). They […]

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