July 18 - 23, 2016

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People of Pannonian

The biggest treasure of this festival isn’t its huge skatepark, or the brand, but the people who made this event happen. Let’s be honest, Osijek is a small town, and couldn’t even be compared to China’s Chengdu or USA’s Denver, but the story that has been building here for 17 years now, with the passion […]

Volunteers – the most valuable piece of our project

Everything precious always comes to an end. But in our story, it’s an end to just one of our seventeen editions. All staff that were prepared during the year, passes just in the few days, and without our golden volunteers, not a thing would be possible. This year their value is recognised by Zagrebačka banka, […]

Who was the best rider at the Osijek’s edition of FISE World Series – results

On this year’s edition of FISE World Croatia, from the many names that have applied, few of them have been caught by our ears and those are the best riders in their categories. UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup PRO 1. LOGAN MARTIN 2. DANIEL DHERS 3. JOSHUA PERRY UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup […]

This is the prettier side of the BMX world – Cory’s story

Cory Coffey is a woman – mother and a 34 years old BMX driver from USA. Earlier at Pannonian we didn’t have opportunity to watch female drivers, but this year three female drivers came to Osijek, and one of them divided with us how is it to be a woman in the, so called, ‘male’ […]

Live Stream

Watch us live! Recording of the Semi-Finals



Danilo Pisanjuk / skate

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Kai Schweizer / skate

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Kostya Andreev / bmx

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Julien Cudot / inline

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Daniel Dhers / bmx


5x X Games Gold Medallist 07, 08, 10, 11, 13.
4x Dew Cup BMX Park Champion 06,07,08,10.
1x NORA Cup Ramp Rider of the Year 2008.

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logan martin

Logan Martin / bmx

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Kevin Peraza

Kevin Peraza / bmx

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Kenneth Tencio around the abandoned house during the Red Bull Mad House in Costa Rica. December 2014

Kenneth Tencio / bmx

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mike varga

Mike Varga / bmx

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Coleborn Alex

Alex Coleborn / bmx

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Timotej Lampe Ignjić / skate

Absolute Winner

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Fabian Lang / skate

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Michael Fitschi Tan / skate

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Norbert Szombati / skate

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Tomislav Vranić / skate

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B-Boy Nito / breakdance

Original Skillz Croatia

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Jack Fahey / bmx

1st: Action Sports Games
1st: BI City Jam 2014
5th: Pannonian Challenge 2014
10th: FISE World China

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Moaci Lopes / inline

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Antonio Peković / skate

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Michael Beran / bmx

360 bikeflip to tailwhip?

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Joe Atkinson / inline

Joe Atkinson was born in 1992 in Pontefract West Yorkshire in England. He started rolling in 1995 and now he represents LOCO skates and the Garlic Club.

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Stephane Alfano / inline

Last year results
2nd Pony Cup 2015
2nd Extreme Barcelona 2015
2nd Pannonian Challenge 2015

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Line up


It’s time for – Tea Break!

Tea Break has developed over the last 15 years a unique punk-rock style, a style with a pinch of heavy metal and punk. They are known for their tuneful and high tones, and their concerts are filled with strong energy that leaves the crowd speechless, and is also the reason why they have such a […]


Excellent music moments with DJ Rahmanee from Serbia

This year’s guest introduced himself in his very unique way. Read his interesting letter and find out what he has to say to all Pannonian fans who are not familiar with his music. Dear Pannonian Challenge fans, considering the fact we’ll see each other this year, it would be in order for me to introduce […]


Headliner – MODESTEP

Our adventure is about to begin soon, and while we’re impatiently counting down these last few days until the biggest spectacle in Osijek, there’s time to present you this year’s headliners: the most famous British dubstep rock band – Modestep. After a short hiatus, the most interesting name of the EDM scene returns in a […]

Phillie 2

The Life Story of Phat Phillie

The world famous DJ who played at multitudes of clubs and high profile festivals, who along with his excellent DJ career, had a hip-hop career. The cult figure of Croatian rap, manager of the Blackout Crew, journalist and radio presenter are just some of the things which can be attributed to this artist in his […]


Jazzy Rossco is the best Croatian house

He is the first Croatian (and a Slavonian for that matter) that has published songs for Sony Music and is also in the top 5 Croatians that have signed a contract with one of the biggest record labels under the ownership of Mark Knight. So for the first time ever, we are proud to present […]

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