2017, June 7-11th

Inline on Pannonian!

Inline on Pannonian!

Roller-skating has always been the first official day of Pannonian Challenge, the ‘’Icebreaker’’, or ‘’D-Day’’, which is a big deal when you have to win the judges and the audience from Osijek.

This time at the 18th Pannonian we’ve set aside Thursday, June 8th as inline day.

It’s interesting that Pannonian Challenge is one of the longest held roller-skating competitions in the world.

When roller-skating, rollers have their roller skates properly secured to their feet, which allows them to move their entire bodies, and do amazing and creative trick in skate parks. Roller-skating isn’t very popular and mainstream here as skateboarding and BMX, but it isn’t neglected either, because it’s underground, different than any other sport.
In some parts of the world, roller-skating is still very popular, and it’s coming as it is to Osijek on June 8th 2017. During its juvenile years, PC managed to host rollers from all over Europe, even from some other continents, and has become an international competition. In its mature edition we can expect a great show from rollers that are from around Europe.
We’ve confirmed arrivals of rollers from France, Romania, England, Hungary, Serbia, and Slovenia, that can’t wait to try out the new Pannonian’s skate park.
Expect unforgettable tricks from one of the world’s best riders in Osijek. See ya!

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