2019, June 5 - 9

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So small, and yet so big - welcome to our city!

The city of Osijek is a student town in full sense of the word.

It’s a city were around every corner you can find happy and kind people that enjoy the benefits the young people get in Osijek.

From strolling down promenada (that’s a local expression for a walking trail) or riding your bike there, to having lunch on campus or going out with your friends to a night club in Tvrđa, the possibilities are endless in this beautiful town.

People from Osijek are known for their hospitality and kind heart, so there is always someone to share a beer with.

Osijek has everything that you need: movie theaters, theaters, equestrian club, largest ZOO in Croatia, river Drava and some great spots to go for a swim, better known as Copacabana, bridges, greenery and kind people.

Every day in Osijek can be a lot of fun. Just by walking down promenada you can spend hours and hours enjoying yourself while looking at our beautiful river Drava. The city is pulsing with positive energy and every person that has spent a day in this town has fallen in love with it.

This is just a taste of what our town has to offer, the rest of it you will have to discover by yourself while visiting the city of Osijek. 🙂