2017, June 7-11th

Sport / Skate


Danilo Pisanjuk

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Timotej Lampe Ignjić

Absolute Winner

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Tomislav Vranić

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Antonio Peković

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€10 / €20



Skate PRO
# Rider Birth Country, City Score
1 Lucas Alves 1998 Curitiba, Brasil 86
2 Bruno Vranić 1995 Slavonski Brod, Croatia 72
3 Antonio Peković 1995 Zagreb, Croatia 71.67
Skate – Amateurs
# Rider Birth Country, City Score
1 Toni Despot 1993 Osijek, Croatia 72
2 Marin Srzentić 1998 Rijeka, Croatia 69.33
3 Antonio Horvat 2001 Osijek, Croatia 59

Prize money

€13.000 1st place 2nd place 3rd place 4th place 5th place
BMX PRO €3.000 €2.000 €1.500 €1.000 €500
Skate PRO €1.000 €750 €500 €500 €250
Inline PRO €650 €400 €250 €200 €150 (6.-10.: each €70)
B-boying - - - - -




If more than 35 PRO contestants sign up for the Skate PRO category, of which at least 25 are obligated to end their qualification run, full prize money is paid (100% of the amount).


If less than 35 PRO riders sign up for the competition, of which less than 18 end their qualification run, the prize money is reduced by 50%.


If less than 20 PRO riders sign up for the competition, of which less than 10 end their qualification run, only 30% of the prize money is paid.


In using the skatepark and participating in the contest you do so at your own responsibility and you are obliged to wear protective gear (helmet and protectors). It is also required that your equipment be functioning properly. Riders may be subjected to a breathalyzer test prior to their rides and may be disqualified if they test positive.


Bringing alcohol, opiates and controlled substances into the skatepark is strictly forbidden. So is violence.


Contestants under 18 are obliged to submit notarized parental consent (to their child competing at Pannonian Challenge) OR have their parent(s) be present and sign the Registration Form.