2019, June 5 - 9

Sport / Skate

Prize money

€12.750 1st place 2nd place 3rd place 4th place 5th place
BMX PRO €3.000 €2.000 €1.500 €1.000 €500
Inline PRO €1.000 €650 €400 €300 €200 (6.-10.: each €90)
Skate PRO €500 €300 €200 €100 €100 (6.-7.: each €50)
B-boying €200 €150 €100 - -

Register online

€10 / €20



Skate PRO – 2018
# Rider Birth Country, City Score
1 Timotej Lampe Ignjić 1992 Slovenia, Ljubljana 72
2 Antonio Peković 1995 Croatia, Zagreb 63
3 Zsolt Karkossiak 1989 Hungary, Budapest 60.67
4 Chris Khan 1996 Spain, Barcelona 60
5 Danilo Pisanjuk 1992 Serbia, Subotica 58
6 Tomislav Vranić 1990 Croatia, Slavonski Brod 54.33
7 David Mihalyfi - Hungary, Vasvar 53
Skate Amateurs – 2018
# Rider Birth Country, City Score
1 Petar Spiedlick 2000 Croatia, Nova Gradiška 76.33
2 Antonio Horvat 2001 Croatia, Osijek 67.67
3 Marko Bursac 1994 Serbia, Belgrade 67.33



All competitions are following this regulations:
Heats of 4 riders, 2 runs, best run counts, 1 minute maximum.
TOP 20 riders will go into the finals. Rules are the same for the finals.
The performance of each rider is judged on overall impression including, but not limited to : - Difficulty - Height - Flow - Originality - Versatility - Style - Consistency - Variety of tricks - Control of the tricks - Landings - Use of the course - Execution - Progression.
NOTE: The overall impression of the runs is most important as the judges evaluate the sequences of tricks, the amount of risk in the routine, and how the rider uses the course. The judges take errors such as falls and stops into consideration.


During a run, if a rider suffers any kind of a breakage or mechanical problem the rider has until the time elapses for his run to either fix the equipment or to get another one and continue riding. If the time for his run elapses before he continues riding, then his run shall be declared finished, and he shall not be allowed to start riding again. Whether or not the rider is able to restart his run before the time elapses, the judges shall only consider any riding that was done within the time limit.


Every participant shall follow the directions of the organization and appointed officials, and any penalties that may be applied.
Participant under 18 are obliged to submit notarized parental consent in order to participate at Pannonian Challenge. Or have their parent(s) be present and sign the Registration Form.
Once all the terms of the registration are completed, the organization will give riders a wristband allowing them to enter the competition area. It is imperative that all the rider keeps their band throughout the event, otherwise the access to the park will be denied.


Wearing a proper safety equipment (helmet and protectors) is an obligation attached to all categories (except skateboard riders). The helmet strap must be securely fastened at all times when riding, whether during Competition, warm-up or practice.