2019, June 5 - 9

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Pannonian Challenge is carrying the title of the biggest extreme sports events in the region and that’s because some of the biggest names in extreme sports come and participate at the festival. Pannonian Challenge is one of the few extreme sports events that unites BMX, skate, inline, MTB and also a few concerts. The competition is not only important for the extreme sports enthusiasts, but also for the city of Osijek, the town that owns the PC brand. Here is a brief history of the event:

In 1999 the event “Tko prvi, govno mrvi” took place, but in 2000 it was renamed Pannonian Challenge and was held on Iktus. Three years later in 2003 it was moved to the newly built skate park and had its first music program.

Every year Pannonian expanded, in 2006 it showed its cultural side a little bit more with its first photo exhibit.

In 2010 PC got a new cultural addition, the Art Jam was founded, the competition in drawing graffiti in honor of Baki, the man who designed the Pannonian Challenge logo.

This event would have never been so successful if it wasn’t for the volunteers. It’s because of them that Pannonian has gotten the town’s seal of recognition in 2012 and a prize for its volunteering group. The same year it was also voted best extreme sports event by DNA magazine. Same year as previously mentioned things, B-Boying, the competition created by a group of young break dancers, , was added to the list of awesome things at Pannonian.

After all of this, it was only a matter of time before Pannonian was going to move to a bigger location, and so it was in 2013 when it moved across river Drava to a big and open field. Vipnet and Pannonian Challenge have also won a prize for the sports marketing participation. The potential of this event was recognized by no other then our former president Ivo Josipović and following that the government of Republic of Croatia has become a sponsor. The same year the event started live streaming on Sportska TV and the cherry on top for 2013, the first wakeboard was took place.

In 2014 the Pannonian Challenge documentary aired for the first time and it depicted the making of the festival.

In the more recent past, more precisely 2015, Pannonian Challenge had over 20 000 visitors, more than ever before. In 2016 Pannonian Challenge XVII will be enjoying a sponsorship from the government of the Republic of Croatia, the tourist board and it was also voted one of the top 10 events by the Croatian National Tourist Board.
For all the fun years, last Pannonian was a home to the BMX World Cup!
And this year we are celebrating the 18th birthday! What have we prepared for you is still a secret. Come and feel the adrenaline rush and party hard!