2019, June 5 - 9

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Youngest BMX rider on Pannonian Challenge

Our Jakov Svalina is BMX rider from Osijek and guys, he is only 7 years old!! A little chat with little Jakov but big BMX star in progress! How come […]

Day 3.: BMX results

World best BMX riders closed the last sport day at Pannonian Challenge! The most anticipated category this year and every other year on Pannonian Challenge was BMX PRO. The stands […]

3rd day: BMX day!

Today the weather is much nicer, there is some wind and that will definitely help our riders to cool down. Morning jam at the skate park already started! Amateur BMX […]

Extreme interview: Marin Ranteš

Since his earliest days, Marin Ranteš tried many sports, such as soccer, basketball and handball, but BMX changed his life completely! In his hometown Varaždin, this hero didn’t have a […]

Top 5 most common tricks on Pannonian Challenge!

It’s already a common thing that Pannonian moves the boundaries of extreme sport, and gives the audience many new tricks. Drivers’ originality, their courage and skills are what get them […]