2018, May 30 - June 2

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Music history of Pannonian

Do you remember of all the performers we’ve had on Pannonian Challenge? Our team will remind you with a brief overview of the previous years. We’ll be dating back to […]

How did Croatia become a homeland of extreme sport?

Extreme sport is one of those things that become more popular as the time goes. Stunts have become so advanced in the past few years that it’s almost impossible to […]

ABOP is coming to Pannonian!

This year we’ll have more performers than usual, and one of the most famous bands is ABOP or After je Bolji od Partyja (After is Better Than the Party). They […]

Fresh Island on Pannonian Challenge

Longtime friends, business partners and two world famous DJ’-s Phat Philie and Bizzo Bodega are coming to Vega, in which will a variety of songs like hip-hop, r&b classics, most […]

Birthday Celebration With S.A.R.S.

This year Pannonian challenge will be starting its birthday celebration with a performance of a famous Serbian group – S.A.R.S. !¬ Sveže amputirana ruka Satriania (S.A.R.S.) will make our girls […]