2019, June 5 - 9

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How did Croatia become a homeland of extreme sport?

Extreme sport is one of those things that become more popular as the time goes. Stunts have become so advanced in the past few years that it’s almost impossible to […]

Poki flies again – this year over a bridge

This year our Igor Vukadinović – Poki jumped over a replica of Osijek’s Pedestrian Bridge! Even though rain particularly loves Pannonian Challenge, today was an amazing day for another warm up […]

Poki’s story

Nowadays it is very hard to find a person from Osijek that doesn’t know about Pannonian Challenge, and those do know about it, and are its faithful followers, also know […]

You didn’t see Pannonian Challenge XVII? Check this out!

Each and every PannonianChallenge stays with us, because every year something exciting happens, so we’re always left with great memories and new stories to tell. Besides the usual events and […]