Let’s talk about skate baby

Considering that our event is called Pannonian and not BMXonian, here are a few words about skating.

Whose idea was it to put wheels on a board in the first place?

Imagine this: you and your friends are all hyped for some surfing, you and your friends arrange a surfing session tomorrow afternoon, you are all excited and with every waking minute the excitement rises, but then the worst thing that could happen happens, there are no waves for you to surf on.

By skating that’s not a problem. In fact, the beautiful weather, the road and a skateboard is all you need really. “Surfing on land” rapidly became very popular and earned an important role in sports, but also in many other aspects of life.

Skateboarding reached its biggest milestone in 1995 when the first X-games took place and made the sport extremely popular, and even mainstream.

Did we say a few words about skateboarding? Well here it is! The three basic things about skateboarding. There is nothing more you need to know if you’re not a skateomaniac. But don’t worry, we have something for you as well.

Regarding the tricks, we are going to name just the most popular ones:

flip tricks – spinning the skateboard in the air (most commonly performed on a flat surface, stairs, gaps or ramps in a skate park e.g. pyramid, bank, or quarter); to name a few: kickflip, heelflip, 360 flip, hardflip, lateflip, frontside or backside kickflip, fakie 360 etc.


grind and slide tricks – scraping with the board on a surface, most commonly a rail (handrail or some other randome of pipes ; 50-50, boardslide, crooked, 5-0, bluntslide, bs tailslide, fs noseslide etc.


grab tricks – grabbing the skateboard in the air, usually on bigger platforms or bigger ramps that allow bigger air time; indy, benihana, airwalk, madonna, nose/tail grab, stalefish etc.


For the end, some people are still skeptical about skateboarding, but don’t forget, it’s also a great way to get around.

It’s a bit different with skateboard. Unlike your bike, you don’t have to worry about your skateboard being stolen (if you bring it along, of course), on a skateboard you can go up to 130 km/h

With a cold Cedevita or a can of Red Bull, everything is possible. 🙂