Five facts every Pannonian fan should know #pannonian

Take a look, even we weren’t aware of some facts listed here ☺
Boy were you wrong if you thought that the Pannonian Challenge was the only festival held under the sign of a mosquito! The United States also have something similar, embodied in the event known as The Great Mosquito Festival, annually held in Texas! Nonetheless, our festival symbolizes the mosquito that has become familiar to many, to that extent that we live ‘through’ it the entire year, acquiring memories, meeting new people, or even marking it on our skin as a beautiful memory in a fashion of cool tattoos, just as this one depicted here. : – )



Believe it or not, besides organizing the annual skateboard competition, in 2013, the Pannonian Challenge was also the host of a wakeboard competition. And where else than the beautiful Drava?

Bez naslova

We all enjoy listening to Debeli Precjednik, but did you know that they were a part of the Pannonian’s musical programme every single year, except the first one? Oh yes, and here’s their frontman Tin Kovačić Koca performing at the Challenge seven years ago! Boy does time fly!


Attention boys! So far, six women have performed on the events organized by our empire, symbolically marked by a mosquito! Who knows, maybe they even get better than you! 😛


Are you aware that the greatest value of this festival are these dudes and dudettes shown here? Oh yes, yes, and they are known as volonterOS (as from Croatian word for volunteer + OS, first two letters of Osijek)!IMG_7552