Fingerboard vs. Skateboard

Believe it or not, skateboard tricks are performed identically as those associated with fingerboard, so the similarities aren’t only in the names of these categories.

The biggest difference, however, is that there is no fear of breaking some part of your body while performing fingerboard tricks (I mean, you could break your index finger, but you would have to be a total Klutz to pull that off :D).

It is this absence of fear which grants you the courage to experiment a bit, trying out numerous tricks and putting yourself in some previously unimaginable situations. Once you’ve mastered them on your fingerboard, all you have to do now is to transfer these skills on a 40-inch skateboard (just a simple hop on a bigger board).

Now, for those who were aware (and for those who weren’t), fingerboard is basically a mini skateboard, and given the drastic diminution of the board’s size, the usage of legs is out of option. Here’s where fingers jump in (not the toes, haha, though there are those who like to jump on the tiny finger board.)

Our festival hosted both of the competitions regarding these categories, and even though the prevailing one is skating, to all of the people who are into fingerboarding – hats off to you!