July 2016

30. July 2016.

VolonterOSi koji život znače

Svemu lijepom jednom dođe kraj. Ali u našoj priči, kraj je tek jednom predpunoljetnom izdanju. Sve ono što se priprema 365 dana u godini proleti u samo nekoliko dana, a bez naših zlata vrijednih volontera ništa od ovoga ne bi bilo moguće. Ove ih je godine posebno podržala Zagrebačka banka, koja je prepoznala njihov potencijal, […]

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Volunteers – the most valuable piece of our project

Everything precious always comes to an end. But in our story, it’s an end to just one of our seventeen editions. All staff that were prepared during the year, passes just in the few days, and without our golden volunteers, not a thing would be possible. This year their value is recognised by Zagrebačka banka, […]

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23. July 2016.

This is the prettier side of the BMX world – Cory’s story

Cory Coffey is a woman – mother and a 34 years old BMX driver from USA. Earlier at Pannonian we didn’t have opportunity to watch female drivers, but this year three female drivers came to Osijek, and one of them divided with us how is it to be a woman in the, so called, ‘male’ […]

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22. July 2016.

Results – UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup Qualification

Here are the results of the UCI BMX Freestyle World Cup Qualification. Only the first twelve riders made to the finals, as well as the top five from Montpellier. Today they’ll show their tricks once more in the semi final. 1. BRUCE Nick 2. RIZAEV Irek 3. BROOKS Declan 4. KONSTANTIN Andreev 5. LEIVA Jake […]

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21. July 2016.

Info for the visitors – tickets

Dear visitors, You can take your sponsor tickets in front of our skate park every day from Wednesday till Saturday between 10 AM and 10 PM. Optionally, for children under 12 you can ask for a free wristband.

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The beginning of the BMX spectacle

Exactly at noon the skate park is open. Exactly at noon the cream of the crop of the BMX worldwide scene is coming out on the field to practice and warm up for the qualifications. Be there no later than 5 PM so you don’t miss the show. Today you can watch the UCI BMX […]

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19. July 2016.

It’s time for – Tea Break!

Tea Break has developed over the last 15 years a unique punk-rock style, a style with a pinch of heavy metal and punk. They are known for their tuneful and high tones, and their concerts are filled with strong energy that leaves the crowd speechless, and is also the reason why they have such a […]

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14. July 2016.

The first weekend of Pannonian Challenge is cancelled

Dear riders and guests, due to bad rainy weather forecasts, we are forced to cancel the first weekend (both sports and music) of Pannonian Challenge, primarily for the safety reasons. We put special efforts in this year’s skate and inline competitions, and therefore we’re sad to cancel their performances until next year. Jurica Barac in […]

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