People of Pannonian

The biggest treasure of this festival isn’t its huge skatepark, or the brand, but the people who made this event happen. Let’s be honest, Osijek is a small town, and couldn’t even be compared to China’s Chengdu or USA’s Denver, but the story that has been building here for 17 years now, with the passion of the Pannonian team, is quite fascinanting.

Wow. It’s hot as hell and they still volunteer to help our festival. These girls and boys are our HEROS.


And the volunteers do everything for them. The organization committee does everything for them. They are the reason why the adrenalin gets to its maximum.


Nothing would have sense if there’s no time to just have fun. And there’s that famous quote that life has no point without music. We agree.


But also, what is life without art? And an even better question would be: what is Pannonian without culture?




In the end, there’s beer time for the dream team…


…because at the end of the day the only thing which is important is friendship which has grown even more at the seventeenth edition of Pannonian Challenge.