Grab your calendars, because the most exciting Pannonian challenge is here!

The way we like it, only this time more fun. One of the head night performers is S.A.R.S!

This year the largest regional festival of extreme sports reaches maturity and celebrates 18 years of flights, turns, falls, dance and laughter – shortly, a world-class entertainment, and it will celebrate this anniversary with a spectacular fashion!
Pannonian Challenge will be held June 7 to 11 in Osijek, in the well-known park Copacabana.
Sport events will be followed with a long night of dancing. The group S.A.R.S. has already confirmed its arrival and will add its flavour to this Osijek festival on the Friday, June 9.

Whoever visits Pannonian once, never misses it again. And who has ever watched the stunts of the world’s greatest BMX riders and skateboarders, knowns that there is no silence and boredom on the stands of Copacabana. Organizers of the 18th edition of Pannonian Challenge plan to make it the best so far, and there are many surprises that are, for the time being, kept secret.

And while the majority is eager to see if everybody’s favorite driver – Varaždinac Marin Ranteš will stand on the podium this year, Pannonian and the host city of Osijek are already preparing everything to give a real treat for the riders and spectators.

The city mayor Ivan Vrkić is glad that he can host such an event: “I am delighted that we will have the opportunity and enjoy wild acrobatics of the world’s famous BMX and skateboarding talent again this year. Besides the sportive and cultural meaning for Osijek, Pannonian Challenge also has a big importance in promoting turism. There are not many events that contribute so vividly to the urban spirit of Osijek. I feel confident to say that the event will attract many young people this year that are all welcome to come. “

Out of fun of our local riders, the Pannonian Challenge has grown to become an uneditable event for the world’s best riders but also for those yearning to experience some real fun. All this became only possible with the help and support of the longlasting loyal partners.

Martina Rizmanić- Matić, the leader of the coorporative communication Vipnet, the general supporter of Pannonian Challenge: “I am glad to confirm that this is the 6th year of cooperation between the Pannonian Challenge and Vipnet. We have again put our trust into the young team which provides the world’s best events to the people of Osijek and their guests.We will enrich the competetive spirit of Pannonian Challenge with different interesting contents at the same location.“

So grab your calendars and higlight the begining of june (7.-11.), because Pannonian Challenge is not to be missed!
Soon we will provide you with new information and surprises for visitors…