Poki flies again – this year over a bridge

This year our Igor Vukadinović – Poki jumped over a replica of Osijek’s Pedestrian Bridge!

Even though rain particularly loves Pannonian Challenge, today was an amazing day for another warm up in the main square of Osijek.
Lege and Legice (a famous name for boys and girls from Osijek) were hungry for an adrenaline rush, but not thirsty. This whole event was sponsored by Coca-Cola, who participates in an action for lighting the Osijek’s Pedestrian Bridge.
Our riders that jumped over the bridge have also helped in collecting and counting the bottle caps.

In the first year Poki won the title of the first man that jumped over a tram, in the second year he warmed up by jumping over a ramp on the Pedestrian Bridge, and this year he was the head of teams that were jumping over a replica of the Pedestrian Bridge made up of Coca-Cola bottles.

Leo Gamboc arrived all the way from Umag and started a project, which he has pledged to that he will jump over every jump there is in Europe, so Osijek already took the first place of all his future jumps.

The citizens of Osijek made sure that the warm up went well by helping to collect the caps and joined Pannonian Challenge’s team that donated 200 caps that represent 200 riders that you cannot miss on this years’ Pannonian Challenge!
That same audience, from the youngest to the oldest, cheered our extreme sports riders and both shivered and cried with support upon seeing the stunts. Osijek’s audience is already used to the BMX scene and once again has shown that it’s ready for the spectacle in June in which, along with some world famous riders, will ride our youngest, but already well-known, BMX local scene!