April 2017

28. April 2017.

Uno, due, tre – Bad Copy is coming

Pannonian Challenge has the most exciting line-up so far Esi mi dobar? (Are you good?) – Bad Copy will ask you once you get to Pannonian Challenge’s best edition so far. The trio that was formed back in 1996, is now somewhat different, and will show its best edition on June 8th, second day of […]

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26. April 2017.

Best teamleader volunteer of PC XVII – Robert Dukarić

Volunteers have been the backbone of Pannonian Challenge for 18 years, and second year in a row the bank of Zagreb has sponsored our volunteers. Hard work and the importance of young enthusiasts were recognized, and, besides the experience and great times, the bank of Zagreb made sure they felt comfortable. Last year volunteers’ conditions […]

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After by after – DJ Pips

Although ABOP (After je Bolji od Partija – After Is Better Than the Party) will be performing on Friday, the real after party will be held by DJ Pips! Right now he is one of the most influential DJ’s, and is also Kandžija i Gole Žene ‘s DJ. Moreover, he is the promoter of the […]

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20. April 2017.

Frenkie & Sassja at Pannonian

Never enough rap on the 10th of July! Adnan Hamidović Frenkie, who will perform for the Osijek’s audience in Vega, is one of the most successful and influential rappers from Balkan. He’s one of the cofounders of the Dosta (Enough) movement, and he also supported Bosnia’s Baby revolution and work protests in 2014 starting from […]

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18. April 2017.

How did Croatia become a homeland of extreme sport?

Extreme sport is one of those things that become more popular as the time goes. Stunts have become so advanced in the past few years that it’s almost impossible to replicate them. Slow motion is necessary to count the number of spins and the number of tricks that made our hearts skip a beat. You […]

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7. April 2017.

ABOP is coming to Pannonian!

This year we’ll have more performers than usual, and one of the most famous bands is ABOP or After je Bolji od Partyja (After is Better Than the Party). They are planned for friday 9.6.2017.! They are a collective made of top musicians who started performing five years ago. Audiovisual and instrumental compositions are Erol […]

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