How did Croatia become a homeland of extreme sport?

Extreme sport is one of those things that become more popular as the time goes. Stunts have become so advanced in the past few years that it’s almost impossible to replicate them. Slow motion is necessary to count the number of spins and the number of tricks that made our hearts skip a beat.

You think that Croatia has no conditions for extreme sport? Perhaps not. But it has the biggest extreme sports competition in the entire region, and it’s talked about all around the globe. It is about Osijek’s Pannonian Challenge.

Local Osijek guys had wheels under their feet wherever they’d go. As the rotation of wheels on the ground somehow ends up in the air, they started doing it more and more, purposely. The only logical thing to do next was to start competing. One summer exactly 18 years ago a local extreme sport competition occurred. It’s funny now to think about a small park, and an even smaller amount of audience members, partners, riders, and others.

Pannonian Challenge has developed into an unavoidable place for both extreme sports’ and fun’s fans. And, most important, a place of the world’s best BMX and skate riders.

Pannonian hosted over 3500 riders from all over the world, awarding them with over million kunas. A 2500 square meter (ready to be upgraded) is one of the best wooden skate parks with the best lighting fixture in Europe. One quarter of a million people has walked this park, and the number will only increase.

It’s unnecessary to even write the reasons why people keep returning to Pannonian, but in order to remember why we love our country – entertainment, food, and beautiful women. At least that’s what tourists visiting Osijek during summer claim. They’ll be visiting it this year too from 7th to 11th of June, when everything’s rushing with adrenaline and good fun. Imagine this: during the day amazing stunts, during the night even better parties up until the morning… until dawn on Sunday morning when all our energy is wasted.

Panonian lovers say that you can’t write about Pannonian, you need to experience it.
The fact that BMX world champions return every year is the proof.
Not one year is skipped! And Osijek always welcomes them with open arms.