There’s no traffic sign, bench, door, or bucket that doesn’t have an LCC sticker. A definition of combining work and pleasure is the skaters’ collective LCC from Osijek that consists of a joyful crew. This adjective fits perfectly for the way this conversation went – joyfully.
For those who wonder what LCC stands for, and what this collective represents, this post will be a sneak peek into this awesome crew! Heads of this collective, Boris Čolović and Andrej Mikulić have modestly revealed the secrets of this ‘’skate cult’’.

1. What does LCC stand for? What’s LCC as a collective anyway?
For the public ‘’Lijepi Cvjetići Cvjetaju’’ (Pretty Flowers Bloom), and privately…hm. This will stay LCC’s little secret. Basically, LCC is a group/collective/manufacture/case for psychiatry, and all those are connected through love for skateboarding. We’re a crew that skates together, and when we break the boards we creatively process them into, let’s say, sunglasses, jewelry, ashtrays, pendants …

2. How did the production start?
That’s as if you asked Colombo how did he discover America – it just happened.

3. What’s the process of producing?
Production of small art pieces begins in the skate park. There hard working members of the LCC collective do their shaman stunts that sooner or later end up with a broken skateboard. Then the boards are deported to LCC HQ where they await a moment of inspiration. That’s when sweating, screaming and collective nerve wrecking begins. After several hours of cutting, sanding, combining, and a little suffering, an LCC workshop’s product is born. That product can be, and is, jewelry, sunglasses, pendant, sculpture, watch… at the end of the production, when we take a look of our DIY project we mostly see sweat, blood and tears, and beer, that were necessary for making it. But it’s worth it.

4. In a moment of creativity your products are made, but in what moment did the idea for establishing the collective occur?
LCC started out as a miniature cult of skaters from Osijek, and that’s what it’ll be ‘till the end. The production part began as a way curing boredom, making some money, and to attract more people to the skater culture. And if by now someone doesn’t think of LCC after Pannonian when mentioning Osijek and skateboarding, then we haven’t achieved anything.

5. Where could you be found with your tricks and productions as LCC?
We can be found at each corner of the city (who knows will find us). Soon, we hope. We’ll get our own web page, and, right after Facebook, in the skate par. Boards for these LCC sunglasses need to be broken as a first phase of production.