Life on wheels: in-line; Tin Hadžiomerspahić

Do you know that Pannonian Challenge is one of the longest held roller-skating competitions in the world?
And do you know that Tin Hadžiomerspahić has been riding his roller-skates for 23 years?! You’ll find out more if you continue reading our interview with our in-line rider from Zagreb!

1. How long have you been roller-skating? How did you start?
I’ve been roller-skating since I was six. Now im 29, which means I’ve had wheels under my feet for 23 years. First I trained ice-skating in preschool. When it was too warm I ‘’dry trained’’ on roller-skates. Back then there were only roller-skates (quad roller-skates/disco roller-skates), and soon after in-line roller-skates were made that were very popular at that time. I’ve been in love ever since, and even persuaded my parents into buying me a pair.

2. Which was your worst injury?
• double fracture of the right forearm – no.1
• fracture of the left humerus
• loose ligaments in the knees from falling
• broken thumb and pinkie on the right hand

3. Where did you ride so far? Which competitions did you go to?
I’ve been to so many different countries and competitions. Some of the European countries I’ve been to for roller-skating events are: Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Romania, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Belgium.
As for the best result I’d like to highlight my visit to the USA (Boston) in 2010, for the world competition. That year I was the first in the entire Balkan Rolling Series (B.R.S) who was linked with the World Rolling Series (W.R.S), which brought me to the 25th place in the world. That allowed me to join the finale of the World Rolling Series in Boston, where I ended up 23rd in the world.
Some of the competitions I’ve won are Pannonian Challenge (CRO), Royal In-line Cup Kromeriž (CZ), Offline Sport Games (HUN), Winner of Belgrade (SRB), and Roll to Sarajevo (BiH)…

4. How many times have you been on Pannonian Challenge so far?
If I remember correctly, I think the first time I’ve ever been was on Pannonian Challenge VI, which mean I’ve been 12 times so far.

5. Do you sometimes ride in Osijek since here is the best skate park in Croatia?
Unfortunately, due to work and lack of free time, I’m not able to ride in Osijek, because I live in Zagreb. It’s an issue that also bothers other rollers, skaters, and bikers from Zagreb. If we had a skate park in Zagreb like the one in Osijek, maybe some of the riders would be able to prepare much better for Pannonian.

6. What’s the atmosphere at Pannonian like? What do you like the most?
The atmosphere at Pannonian is definitely unique. With so many good riders that do the craziest tricks, public that gives the best support, and an organization which is very professional and organized, everyone who comes to Pannonian will be surprised and amazed!
Also, there’s a great musical part of the program! I like the most that in those few days everyone gathers, and hangs out together, telling stories and experiences. I also find it great that in-line is always first. We break the ice on the first day, and after we do our thing we’re free and can enjoy the rest of Pannonian.
I hope that this year it won’t rain and that we’ll be able to ride the best we can. I don’t want to add anything because it’s perfect the way it is, although I would like to remove the mosquitoes haha.