1. day review: Inline&Vega

Since the early morning the skate park was filled with drivers from all around the world! On the first warm up practice inline amateur drives gathered around, and right at noon they showed us their skills. At 1 pm they did it one more time to collect the points and qualify for the big finale.

This year, in inline amateur category, drivers from Romania have dominated. They won top three places! The team from the ghetto skate park came to Pannonian Challenge in big composition, their youngest driver is Ion Mihai.
The best one was Calentin Moise who took the gold medal, second prize went to Alex Gheorfi, and the bronze is now in hands of Sarin Coseraru.

Some of the tricks were so amazing they left our audience speechless and reminded them of professional drivers! Young amateur drivers are working hard and they are getting better day after day. We are looking forward to watch them the next year on Pannonian Challenge.

In professional category the first place won Roman Abrate, the second was Sven Boekhost and the third place went to Alfan Stephan. Joe Atkinson and Alex Burston were also rewarded.

Very warm and sunny weather affected the performance of our drivers but with a lot of positive energy and support from the audience they managed to show us their greatest skills.

On the after party Phat Phillie & Bizzo warmed up the atmosphere, Bad Copy took over and made the audience dance till the morning!Join us today on Pannonian Challenge, enjoy the skate competition and dance in Vega with S.A.R.S., ABOP and DJ Pips!

Right now we are watching pro skate contest and about winners and after party you’ll read tommorow! 😉