2. day: Skate review

Finally this year we have a skate competition thanks to the sunny weather!
Right at noon, 30 skate amateur riders did their first ride, they had 45 seconds and they impressed us with their tricks and amazing talent!

Second run of the day took place around 1 pm, and the best guys were Toni Despot, Marin Srzentić and Antonio Horvat.
The best three guys at the first day were from Romania, and yesterday the best three guys were local skate riders from Croatia, and two of them are from Osijek!

At 4 pm the qualifications for pro finals started. Soon after that the best of the best had a chance to win the medal!

The top three riders who impresses our audience and judges with their performance were: Lucas Alves from Brasil, Bruno Vranic and Antonio Peković from Croatia!

Originall Skillz crew once again organised graffiti jam with well known writters as Lunar, Moler1, Rebus etc.
Also, we break danced and it was sooo hip-hop!

We celebrated as usual at Vega with our headliners S.A.R.S., ABOP and DJ Pips. The atmosphere was amazing and people danced until the early in the morning!

Right now the skate park is filled with people! It’s the last day of the competition and everyone is excited to see our pro BMX rides to perform!
See you today!