Inline once again opened the first day of the sports program on Pannonian Challenge. They filled the whole skate park with positive energy and prepared the audience for the big after party in Vega!
Today we expect even better atmosphere!

10 am passed by a long time ago, the practice started around 11 am, and our skate drivers are ready to show us their skills! At 12 am you can come and see our amateur skateboard drivers practice, and soon after that you can watch them compete in first ride! There are 30 drivers, they have 45 seconds and of course, some time for their final trick!

After the warm up, at 3 pm, we will see the first pro qualifications. There are 50 drivers, they have 45 seconds and after the time is up they will show us their final trick and hopefully impress our audience!

At 6 pm it’s time for our finals! Only the best 20 drivers will show us their skills, and at 6:45 pm they will continue.

During the break, 7: 30 till 7:45 pm, our judges will decide who the best three drivers are!
Award winning ceremony will take place at 7:45 pm, and soon after that, at 8pm, we will complete our second day on Pannonian Challenge.

But that’s not the end! After amazing skate day we hope that you still have some energy left because it’s time for our after party! Tonight we dance in Vega with amazing S.A.R.S, ABOP and DJ Pips!
See you there!