Inline breaks the ice

What’s waiting for us on Pannonian Challenge?

Rain loves us and traditionally it visited our party Wednesday in Kazamat. But today the sun is waiting on us in the best skate park!

If rain hasn’t cooler down our opening party with DJ Omer and Umba, our drivers wouldn’t be as ready for the ride. Slowly they are arriving in the morning practice and they are getting ready for tonight’s inline spectacle.

As the program said, right at noon, inline amateurs breaks the ice with their first competition ride. 30 drivers will pass through our skate park in 45 seconds and will leave us breathless. The last trick will complete their performance. At 1 pm, second competition ride is happening, and that’s also the last bell to finish the ride.

At 3 pm, it’s time for the practice of professional drivers who will train and practice their tricks until 4 pm, and hopefully impress the audience. 50 drivers will qualify for the finals. They have 45 minutes plus the time for the final trick.

We expect a lot from our professional drivers so they deserve a well needed break of 15 minutes. In those 15 minutes, the audience can rest of adrenalin rush and grab a drink or something to eat from or sponsors.

The finals of professional drivers will happen at 6 pm, and the best 20 drivers will show us their skills and finish up the competition with the last trick. At 6:45 pm we will see another ride.

While our judges carefully study and finish up the scoring and ranking of inline drivers, our visitors and drivers can relax in a 15 minute brake. After that, at 7:45 pm, prize giving ceremony is happening.
At 8pm we are closing the 1st sport day of 18th edition of Pannonian Challenge. We will celebrate the first official day with party at Vega with the best musicians, DJ Phat Phillie & Bizzu, Bad Copy and dancing till the morning with DJ Oliver.
Get some rest because the next day it’s skate day and a lot of adrenalin and fun is waiting for you!

See you there!