Youngest inline rider at Pannonian Challenge

While celebrating 18th edition of Pannonian Challenge we had a great surprise coming from a very young Romanian inline rider.
At the age of 14 Ion Mihai is showing everyone how inline skating gets done. He managed to get everyone’s attention at the competition after being the youngest inline rider to take part at the competition.

We recently caught up with him to tell us a bit more about his passion for inline skating, his best tricks and also a bit more about competing for the first time at Pannonian Challenge.

When did you start doing inline skating and why rollerblades?
I started doing inline skating 5 years ago when I saw a boy at the park. There was a nearby park, really close to my house and when I saw him I really liked it. I said to myself that I have to do this too because I enjoyed it.

How did you end up being a part of a crew with older inline skaters?
Ever since I started progressing and doing difficult tricks the older guys from Bucharest took me under ”their wings” and ever since they took me to every competition they went to.

Where do you practice every day?
I train at Ghetto Park in Bucharest and also Herastrau Skatepark.

How many inline skating competitions you went to so far?
Ever since I started doing inline skating I went to every competition in Romania. I also traveled at the beginning of this year and competed at Winterclash in Holland. This is my first time competing here at Pannonian Challenge.

What’s your best trick you can pull?
One of my best tricks that I enjoy doing is Misty Flip 900 which is something like a front flip with two and a half rotation.

What do you think about Pannonian Challenge?

It’s really a great competition and I also saw a lot of great riders out here that I’ve wanted to meet. Also the course is looking very good with those big jump boxes.

Do you guys think about coming back next year with the whole crew?
Definitely yes! If we will have the opportunity to come back to Pannonian Challenge we will definitely come next year.