Skate riders closed the first day

After the first and very successful day of the 19th edition of Pannonian Challenge festival we announced this year’s winners in skate category. Skate riders impressed our judges and left our audience breathless. First we got the chance to see amateur skate riders. The best one was definitely Petar Spiedelick who also won the first prize. The second rider was Antonio Horvat and the third one was Marko Bursaća.

After amateur competition we watched professional skate competition. Professional riders showed us their best trick and amazing skills. More than 20 professional skate riders entered the competition. The best one today was Timotej Lampe Ignjić who impressed our judges and also our audience and at the end won the first place and left with 500€ of prize money. Antonio Peković, local rider came in second and won 300€ prize. The third place belongs to Zsolt Karkossiak who received 200€ prize. Also, we announced the winner in the category of the best trick. David Mihalyfi showed us the best trick and won the amazing prize, new Nixon watch.

At the same time as skate competition was going on we got the chance to watch dance battle from B-BOYING experts in „Original Skillz Jam“. Even though all the dancers showed amazing skills we had to choose the ones with the best moves. Vision from Ljubljana won the first place, the second place goes to Boxer from Beograd, and the third place goes to 2nd Blind, local team from Osijek.

After a lot of fun during the day in the skate park, we expect to continue the party this evening in the same rhythm. This evening Psihomodo pop and Who See will entertain our audience in Vega until the early in the morning. Make sure to check out the party in Vega. The party starts at 9pm and you are able to buy the ticket at the entrance. See you there!