Ranteš World Champion

The best and most talented Croatian BMX rider is the new world champion in BMX Freestyle Park Men category. The only Croatian representative in the final series won the championship with 26,700 points, 200 more than his role model, Daniel Dhers, the audience’s favorite at the Pannonian Challenge.

The competition was held in Chengdu, China, and our 23-year-old BMX driver again showed his skills.

The principle of competition is similar to Formula 1, four stations: Hiroshima – Japan, Montpellier – France, Edmonton – Canada and Chengdu – China. At each station, points are collected, which are summed up and finally the winner is declared for the whole year.

Ranteš started the season with good results. At Japan’s first venue he won 16th place, in France he was 3rd, Canada 2nd and now in China 4th. This is just the beginning of Ranteš’s great season, which will surely end with excellent results, and the long-term goal is the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Prior to the Olympics, Ranteš is awaiting the 20th anniversary of the Pannonian Challenge, which is the inevitable station of all the world’s best riders.

All the training, the falls, the blood, the sweat and the tears… paid off! Great job Ranta!