First winner of this year’s Pannonian Challenge is skateboarder Chris Khan from Spain

Despite the adverse weather forecast, fearless skaters were the first ones to warm up the Osijek skate park on the left bank of the river Drava, where the first day of the jubilee 20th Pannonian Challenge, was successfully held. After the morning training and checking out the competition, amateur skaters took over the skatepark on their four-wheeled boards. Sheer number of amateur skateboarders on the course instantly prompted the public to expect the best Pannonian Challenge so far, and the first skater to get ahead of everybody else was Adrian Josipović, who managed to stay in front of Marko Gojković on the second and Dominik Vargić in the third place.

Amateurs have thus made an excellent introduction to the Skate Elite/Pro category to which more than 12 skaters signed up from the whole region, with the desire to win this prestigious title. Chris Khan from Spain, who used his board in really unbelievable combinations, using all available parts of the Osijek skate park, which was refreshed with some new elements for this occasion, made it to the top. The first winner of the 20th Pannonian Challenge, which in all likelihood was the main favorite of the audience, was followed by Timotej Lampe Ignjić from Slovenia, last year winner of skate discipline on Pannonian Challenge in the second place, and in the third place was Bruno Vranić from Croatia –final winner of the Challenge Tour.
The best trick price goes to Lajos Petrányi for his laser flip.

In order to end the first day of the festival, after a great sporting session in skateboarding, in a positive tone, the never –ending extreme fun will be transferred from a skate park to the Vega’s backyard in Tvrđa, where the musicians from Dubrovnik will be waiting for us. They are, of course, a likeable Silente who will have a chance to achieve their great desire for the show at Pannonian Challenge, they will have the opportunity to prove it in the impressive symbiosis with the Osijek’s audience. The long-standing connection with the local audience is also nourished by the members of rock band from Osijek Gužva u 16ercu, who opened the door of the music section of the Pannonian Challenge for the first time in 2006., and will now congratulate the big jubilee for a memorable performance at their favorite festival.

The first day of the festival will faithfully prove that all visitors are really expecting an uninterrupted entertainment, which will heat Osijek until Sunday.

Skate Elite / Pro Results

1 Chris Khan 2019 Spain Barcelona 88.67
2 Timotej Lampe Ignjić 1992 Slovenia Ljubljana 86.33
3 Bruno Vranić 1995 Croatia Slavonski Brod 79
4 Danilo Pisanjuk 1992 Serbia Subotica 78.33
5 Zsolt Karkossiák 1989 Hungary Budapest 55
6 Marino Mazarekić 1999 Croatia Slavonski Brod 52.67
7 Reska Reska 1994 Serbia Sremska Mitrovica 45
8 Toni Despot 1993 Croatia Osijek 42.67
9 Petar Spiedlick 2000 Croatia Nova Gradiška 42
10 Mitja Težak 1995 Slovenia Dravograd 41.33
11 Marcell Dessewffy 2000 Hungary Szentendre 35
12 Oleksandr Bohush 1995 Ukraine Lviv 33.33