New challenge for Pannonian Challenge – Back to Summer edition

This year’s 21st edition of the biggest extreme sports festival in this part of Europe will take place on a new-old date, at the end of the summer.

“If someone has ever thought they can be more extreme than our extreme sport festival, they were wrong. We in Pannonian and Osijek will never give up. Our new ride will be held on a new date, which we’ll announce soon. And then, we guarantee you a victory of sport, unity and urban culture. In the meantime, we’re warming up for XXI Pannonian on our website and social media profiles with BMX school, comic edition of our book, eye-catching videos and a lot more!” The necessary change of dates for Osijek’s festival Pannonian Challenge was announced by its organizer Jurica Barać.

The biggest regional extreme sport festival Pannonian Challenge, despite its extreme dimension, cannot fight the current global situation due to which the date for this year’s Pannonian is moved to the end of the summer. The most extreme dates of the extreme sport in the region will be known soon, after they’re aligned with other alike extreme sport competitions of the highest rank across the world and other changes in the sports’ calendars.

Until the new “back to summer” dates of Pannonian Challenge are announced, Osijek’s extreme crew is preparing and posting urban, entertaining and challenging content on PC channels on a daily basis. One of those contents is digital version of a globally popular festival’s monography “PC XX: THE STORY” which was presented on last year’s special anniversary XX Pannonian. Aleksandra Živković, the author of the book, has interlocked the retrospective photos of the festival and the old skate park with the stories and anecdotes about the founders, organizers, athletes, musicians, visitors – all of those who made Pannonian Challenge into what it is today in collaboration with the designer collective NJI3.

“Everyone knows that we live Pannonian Challenge and that it’s much more than organization of a festival, it’s a lifestyle. Pannonian lives 365 days, we live it even that one extra day on a leap year. Despite many challenges, the option of “skipping” a Pannonian for us simply doesn’t exist! We’ll announce new dates soon. Until then, follow our website and social media profiles and have fun with extremely good content”, said Barać and added: “Thank you, to all our partners for understanding of the situation without whom Pannonian Challenges, for the most part, wouldn’t even exist! Until new dates and having fun in our skate park, let’s stay together, be supportive of one another, show the best of us and I’m sure we’ll beat this challenge and even learn a valuable lesson from it!”

Pannonian Challenge competition is currently on hold, but the emotion, anticipation, countdown to new date, surely aren’t.

Stay Home. Be Ready. Get Involved. Stay Tuned.