Dávid Szépvölgyi

  • Name Surname Age Country
    Dávid Szépvölgyi, 25 from Hungary.
  • What brought you to skate?
    In the beginning I started skating because I thought it was “cool”, later on my friends kept me in skateboarding and in the end it converted into the biggest part of my life. Can’t really imagine my life without skateboarding being involved.
  • Have you ever thought skate will take you to the point where you are today?
    I always dreamed about participating in international skate contests. I kept training to be always better and better, because I wanted to skate with the best skaters in the same competition.
  • How did you spend your time in lockdown?
    To be honest, It was pretty variable. Firstly, I couldn’t believe that this is really happening… I was very sad because I received the possibility to travel as much as I want in 2020 from March to August and then I immediately lost this chance. I felt pretty broken.. Luckily, there was a local skatepark open and we could go there and use all my free-time to learn new tricks and get better with my tricks. I learned much more tricks than I expected and on the top I was happy because I could try my new tricks in a real contest environment as the Pannonian Challenge was organized this year again. (THANK YOU ALL!)
  • Favorite spot in your hometown? Send us a photo, we want to see it too. What is the trick you worked on the most in the past year?
    I love all the skate spots in Budapest which are on the riverside. ..Skating with music, looking on the river with the sun between two tricks makes me feel happy. I love spots with a nice view!
  • What is the trick you worked the most in the past year?
    Mostly I was working on my rail tricks, I’m trying to get better and better with Bs 270Lipslide and Bigspinflip FsBoard.
  • What’s the trick you usually start your session with?
    Usually, I start with the some basic flatground tricks, Nollie and Regular and then a juicy Crooked grind and the session officially started.
  • What is that one song that puts you in the zone?
    Arctic Monkeys – When the sun goes down.. I made my favorite street part so far using this track it puts me on fire and brings back really good memories..
  • Park or street ride?
    Both have it’s own extras.. I like to ride parks because I can do more dynamic lines and practice longer runs, but skating street has it’s vibes, I like that people are around, see different faces… street skateboarding can make me feel free.
  • All time favorite video game?
    GTA San Andreas anytime 😀
  • “South Park” or “Rick and Morty”?
    Hard choice but I have to say South Park, I love the way they tell us the real ugly things happening in the world.
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  • TikTok or YouTube?
    Definitely NOT TikTok, maybe I’m too old for this (haha)
  • Who are your riding heroes? People who influenced your riding wise.
    My all time favorite rider is Sándor Bazsi, he was my favorite Hungarian skater since I was a kid, it makes me so happy that sometimes we can skate together. Petrányi Lajos “Ostya” is my other half, when we skate together, we can bring out the maximum from each other.
  • Favorite memories from Pannonian and your stay in Osijek? And lastly, any message to people from the crowd at Pannonian?
    Afterparties & Chillin’ at the river between the qualifications and finals. Best vibes ever!
    Shoot-out to the Pannonian challenge organizer staff, they are doing a really good job and the contest has an unbelievable professional level thanks to them. (Even during a pandemic…) Special thanks to KatErpi for inviting us every year helping us out with anything we need.Hope to see you this year again!Thanks again for the possibility!
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