Joe Atkinson

  • Name Surname Age Country
    Joe Atkinson 28 England
  • What brought you to bmx/skate/inline/scooter?
    The 90s
  • Have you ever thought bmx/skate/inline will take you to the point where you are today?
    No, it’s absolutely insane
  • How did you spend your time in lockdown?
    Living next to a 6ft spine bowl by a lake in Indiana USA
  • Favorite workout in lockdown?
    Prison card game my friend showed me, pick up a card and assign a workout to that card..
    Jack Queen King = 10 Jump Squats
    Red number cards = Push ups
    Black number cards = Sit ups
    Ace = Planks
    Try it and don’t stop until you fail or the deck is finished
  • What’s the trick you usually start your session with?
    Something that scares me
  • Favorite people to ride with?
    Anyone but I take a lot of inspiration from riding with Skate boarders, Scooter & Bmx riders also
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  • Park or street ride?
    So I lack motivation to skate a random ledge but when I find the right spot I get my game on
  • All time favorite video game?
    Aggressive inline
  • “South Park” or “Rick and Morty”?
    Imagine both in one episode
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  • TikTok or YouTube?
  • Who are your riding heroes? People who influenced your riding wise.
    All the OG 90s skaters from my VHS collection
  • The most interesting thing you learned in quarantine?
    That I don’t like being in quarantine
  • Favorite memories from Pannonian and your stay in Osijek? And lastly, any message to people from the crowd at Pannonian?
    OMG too many wild ones, you know when your cheeks are aching from laughter, it’s 6 am and you’re legless with a Burek hanging off your face you know it;s been a good Pannonian haha
    Burek is life
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