• Name Surname Age Country
    Böck Kevin, 21 years from Klagenfurt in Austria (Carinthia)!
  • What brought you to BMX?
    I was pretty much trying out every Aktion Sport from Skateboarding to inline Skating until I tried bmx riding for the first time and since then I fell in love with it until today ! And also watching Harry mains and Kyle Baldocks YouTube and Instagram Videos.
  • Have you ever thought BMX will take you to the point where you are today?
    No not really. Haha
    If somebody would tell me 8 years ago that I am going to be the first ever Austrian Champion I would ask him if he would be retarted haha but today that shows me that really everything is possible if you have fun at what you doing, love what you do and believe in yourself ! I am really blessed for everything what bmx brought to me.
  • How did you spend your time in lockdown?
    I was blessed to be able to work. Next to work I had my mind on physical training and less bmx riding. Now I’m back riding bikes more because it’s getting warmer and skateparks open up again.
  • Favorite workout in lockdown?
    Cardio all day everyday
  • Favorite spot in your hometown? Send us a photo, we want to see it too 🙂 What is the trick you worked on the most in the past year?
    For sure Megapoint Klagenfurt but sadly they had to close everything down all year long so I couldn’t ride it but they used the time and built an insane new skatepark!
  • What is the trick you worked on the most in the past year?
    Definitely Double Backflips the trick that broke my back last year but I got it done before the end of the year!
  • What’s the trick you usually start your session with?
    Flair! I start every session with a flair!
  • Favorite people to ride with?
    Every BMX rider on the Planet because we all a Big Family and sessions are awesome no matter where you at on the earth. But riding with Senad and the boys is nice to hahah
  • Currently favorite song to ride to? To what song do you like to ride the finals?
    That’s a hard one! Right now I would say Empire State of mind by Jay Z but i’m just a Big Music fan so I can ride to every kind of music!
  • Park or street spots?
    As a Park Rat I would say Park Spots but sometimes I really enjoy it to take my bike to different cities and ride through the streets and have some good times on some street spots!
  • All time favorite video game?
    GTA V!
  • “South Park” or “Rick and Morty”?
    Rick and Morty is just too good.
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  • TikTok or YouTube?
    YouTube forever! I get all my inspiration Musik and more from YouTube.
  • Who are your riding heroes? People who influenced your riding wise.
    Senad Grosic! And I’m so proud to call him my good friend!
  • The most interesting thing you learned in quarantine?
    Getting some Kandama Tricks done
  • The best part of quarantine (we already know all the worst ones)?
    When it was a hard lockdown with being at home with no work and nothing to do I was just sleeping. All day long. Sleep is the best for me you can ask all my friends lol.
  • Favorite memories from Pannonian and your stay in Osijek? And lastly, any message to people from the crowd at Pannonian?
    The people, the crowd and the Energy That Osijek gives you! It’s a beautiful city and when you ask a BMX rider why Osijek is awesome he will always say that you just ride better in this city because the energy level is insane! And the party is awesome too haha.
  • Lastly, any message to people from the crowd at Pannonian?
    Stay awesome as you all are! We get through this Covid Situation and after that we will party together again and give you all the BMX action you all love! Stay awesome Osijek I love traveling to you every year!
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