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15. August 2021.

Marin Ranteš finally golden at Pannonian Challenge

The audience in Osijek could not put their hands down for their favorite from Varaždin, and they were lured by the best BMX riders from America to Europe, led by young hopes – Kieran Reilly who won silver, Best trick and Big air with a jump of 4.1 meters, and bronze that went to Jacob Thiem from the United States. In the earlier amateur competition, next to 2 Hungarians, the third place was won by the biggest hope from Osijek, a 12-year-old Maksim Getoš.

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14. August 2021.

King Khan returned to the skate throne

Graffiti with motifs of extreme sports and B-Boying dancers created a colorful and rhythmic foundation for the finals in the crowded Skate discipline in which Jan Hoffman, Bruno Vranić and Petar “best trick” Spiedlick ground in the park with the winner Chris Khan.

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6. August 2021.

Covid-19 Protocol – Epidemiological Measures

Compliance with epidemiological measures to enter Pannonian Challenge XXII Since more than 100 spectators are allowed to attend sports competitions and trainings only in compliance with epidemiological measures, the upcoming 22nd Pannonian Challenge will be fully organized in accordance with the recommendations, protecting the health of visitors and competitors. In accordance with the latest decision […]

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17. August 2020.

Pannonian Challenge Dots the I with Soaring Scooters

“Extreme is the new normal“ – so concluded yet another edition of the beloved extreme sports festival. In completing the magical circle of Pannonian Challenge, its final winner was born in 1999, the same year the story of the indomitable festival began.

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