Meet Osijek

The city on the river Drava

Outgoing, hospitable and easygoing people, diverse gastronomic, enological and beer offerings and a rich cultural heritage accompanied by equally enchanting natural beauty of the heart of Slavonia – are just some of the main features of the beautiful city of Osijek and the distinctive Osijek-Baranja County.

The fourth largest city in Croatia, located on the banks of the river Drava, is in no small measure perfect for all the visitors because of its size where everything works at your fingertips. Lots of cultural and sporting events connecting local people and visitors from all over the world create a unique social whole that makes people come back year after year.

Numerous landscaped parks and green areas, historic buildings, churches and museums, colleges, student campus and sports halls, form the backbone of the city, while the most notable Osijek symbols – a hiking pedestrian bridge and a beautiful promenade along the Drava river, lead directly to a new recognizable symbol, modern skate park.

City of Osijek has plenty of restaurants serving local Slavonian dishes with excellent traditional wines. Over the last few years the craft beer scene has also increased so for all the beer lovers out there we recommend visiting Osijek’s pubs where you will be able to taste some of the local craft beers as well as international ones.

Finally, the beautiful Old Town of the city of Osijek (Tvrđa) connects seemingly impossible – tradition and youth – where you can experience Osijek’s nightlife in a few centuries old but exceptionally well preserved places on the beautiful Trinity Square (Trg Svetog Trojstva).

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