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Tickets for Pannonian Challenge concerts are 30 HRK (~4 €).

Tickets are purchased at the entrance of nightclub Vega and are not available in presale or online. The prices are informative and are subject to change.

The festival ticket and the guest’s bracelet do not exist.


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Pannonian Camp

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, camp reservations are not available.

Numerous extreme sports enthusiasts who want a simpler and more personal experience of the entire festival will have at their disposal a Pannonian camp near one of the best skate parks in Europe. Accommodation in the Pannonian Camp is completely free and includes parking and access to the toilet and drinking water.

A charming camp on the left bank of the Drava, along with the popular Copacabana Beach, will most certainly appeal to nature lovers, which is why they have to reserve their place as soon as the number of campers is limited.

Everyone interested in booking can submit their information to the following address:

HŽ passenger transport

The official carrier of the Pannonian Challenge

For all passengers arriving at this year’s Pannonian Challenge, HŽ Passenger Transport approves a discount on regular sales prices for return journeys on all regular trains and from all the stations on the HŽ railroads to Osijek and back. Slovenian citizens can also benefit from discounts on two-way trips from all Slovenian railway stations to Osijek and back.

What do you do?

  1. Get to the starting point and look for a return ticket to Osijek with a note that you would like to use the Pannonian Challenge discount, it is important to note that at this time you do not have to have a festival ticket.
  2. Upon arrival at the festival at the info desk you will have to call for a discount and our friendly staff will certify your travel ticket with a stamp.
  3. In return if you do not have a stamp on the back of the ticket, the conductor will charge you the difference, ie. the price without discount.

The discount can be used during the Pannonian Challenge.

Restaurants & Caffe bars

City of Osijek has plenty of restaurants serving local Slavonian dishes with excellent traditional wines. Over the last few years the craft beer scene has also increased so for all the beer lovers out there we recommend visiting Osijek’s pubs where you will be able to taste some of the local craft beers as well as international ones.

Finally, the beautiful Old Town of the city of Osijek (Tvrđa) connects seemingly impossible – tradition and youth – where you can experience Osijek’s nightlife in a few centuries old but exceptionally well preserved places on the beautiful Trinity Square (Trg Svetog Trojstva).

Osijek Slang

Lega – mate, friend, bro and a person you can take a piss off and he/she will not be offended

Klopa – the favorite dish you eat when you know you have to go drink at Pannonian

Bajs – bicycle, nobody in Osijek says bicycle, if you need one just say bajs

Butra – the girl you’ve been checking out for some time now or a pass for public transportation

Slamboš – ice cream

Šlajdranje – accidental wheel spin with any vehicle

Đabalebarenje – when you’re sitting around and you do not know what to do with yourself

Dumine – smart crack, gimmick or a trick

Čaga – using your ultimate dance moves

Cener – that’s when you have only ten kunas to go out

Cvike or sunčike – sunglasses

Kondor – man or a woman who makes sure that you have your ticket when you’re using public transportation

Komp – laptop

Kontaš lega – do you understand my friend

Mađa – Hungary, the neighboring country where we used to go shop because it was cheap

Pija – farmer’s market – a place where you buy fruit and vegetables

Pjehe – going somewhere on foot

Škemba – beer belly

Stomber – that’s when you have only a hundred kunas to go out

Trenđa – tracksuit

Zurka – hairstyle

Bulja – ass, booty (usually female)

Gužvara – a lot of people at the same spot, you don’t know where you are, where are your friends, who are your friends, who are your parents????

Ćevosi – specially prepared mixed meat served in flat unleavened bread that is so tasty it makes your mouth drool