Urban Culture

Photo Exhibition

Like every year, along with the rich sports and music program, the biggest festival of extreme sports hosts art and cultural program as well. The opening party of Pannonian Challenge has always been marked with best action sports photos from local and regional artists. The photo exhibition within the opening party will be held in Kazamat on Wednesday, June 5th, and the visitors of Pannonian will be entertained by the renowned Osijek DJs. Entrance to the party is free, and a good times are guaranteed.


For the last five years B-Boying competitions have been a part of Pannonian Challenge. Organizers of “Original Skillz Jam” thought that B-Boying as integral part of urban culture should be represented on the biggest festival of extreme sports. The result of that cooperation is one of the best b-boying competitions where visitors of Pannonian can see some of the best B-Boying, locking, popping and hip-hop dancers from all over the region.


Some of the best graffiti writers from the region come to Pannonian Challenge every year. Besides graffiti writing competition that happens in the skatepark artists also paint the most popular tramcar in the city – Pannonian tram.