Why you should volunteer at Pannonian Challenge

“Every year I come to Pannonian. It’s my favorite event, festival and competition in Osijek. Last year I volunteered at Pannonian, it was wonderful to be a part of such a great event, the people were awesome and I want to be part of Pannonian again and experience the atmosphere and see everything from the other corner. It’s a nice feeling to see what we have done and achieved and how people enjoy it.”- Andrea Erhardt

“Volunteering at the previous Pannonian and gaining new experiences and acquaintances has created a desire for renewed and even better experience. I hope Pannonian will mark my summer with beautiful experiences again. 🙂 “- Davor Japunčić

“I want to volunteer because I have already volunteered at the Pannonian Challenge and it is an invaluable experience to meet and work with these people.” – Enola Kasun

“I grew up watching it every year and now I want to give my contribution to this event. 🙂 “- Marko Mandić

“As a regular festival visitor for many years I finally want to experience the other side of the festival and see how it looks behind the stage. I have a desire for new experiences, acquaintances, adrenaline and many other things that go on on a festival and personally I think Pannonian is an excellent choice for it. “- Mateja Katalinić

“I want to volunteer at PC this year because I was there last year and I’ve had a great experience. I only have good words for the whole event. I’ve been volunteering for two years and I’m doing it again this year. I think that volunteering at PC is the greatest thing ever. “- Rebeka Lukavec

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Which attributes do I need to have to be a part of the volunteering team?

Pannonian Challenge is a very chill festival, that means we need people that are relaxed, open-minded, energetic, have a positive attitude, but above all else responsible.

Which divisions of volunteering are offered at the festival?

Tourism, selling tickets, athlete admission, up keeping the skate park, taking care of music performers and much more.

If I become a volunteer, how long do I have to work there per day?

A volunteer works 8 hours a day. After that, he is free to enjoy the festival himself.

If I’m not from Osijek, but still want to volunteer, do I have somewhere to stay during the festival?

You do, every volunteer not from Osijek has a place to stay in the in camp specially designed for the occasion.

How long does the volunteering last?

Volunteering lasts as long as the festival does plus a few days before and day or two after.

Can I choose in which division will I volunteer?

On the application form you can write down your first three choices for the divisions and we will try to accommodate you. 🙂

What if I had already been accepted to the volunteering team, but unfortunately can’t make it? What should I do?

You can always contact us at volonteri@pannonian.org.

Where can I find detailed information about the Pannonian?

Detailed information and things you should know can be found on our website. There you can also find this year’s program for the Pannonian when the time comes.