7. July 2021.

Yurii Korotun

To all dudes from Osijek, it will be very great to come and skate again in such a cool company.

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17. June 2021.

Domagoj Gudac

I do not practice tricks that much, because I prefer to go on a ride and vibe more than being a nerd about it.

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19. May 2021.

Kevin Böck

Everything is possible if you have fun at what you doing, love what you do and believe in yourself!

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12. May 2021.

Christopher Khan

I built a wooden miniramp with my grandfather in our countryside house in Slovenia. An amazing experience!

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17. August 2020.

Pannonian Challenge Dots the I with Soaring Scooters

“Extreme is the new normal“ – so concluded yet another edition of the beloved extreme sports festival. In completing the magical circle of Pannonian Challenge, its final winner was born in 1999, the same year the story of the indomitable festival began.

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