For the last five years Mašinko has been making his fans happier and more enthusiastic over punk rock all over the world. This band of six has released two albums, one split edition, one board game, one Christmas song and many concerts across Croatia. With his clever and cheerful punk rock anthems Mašinko promises you a great time, even though his lyrics seem normal and not that special, there is much more to them.

And there’s also one quote from Facebook you should read:

”Mašinko is, how should I say it, a result of the Second Industrial Revolution. After the invention of railroads the band is formed by Šulc, known as the least funny man ever with no sense of humor. The one good joke he has ever told was he invited his friend Lovro to be a part of the band, a friend who had great vocals and was a fan of sunshades. The same night Perica also joins the band. The band is complete by the time the Crimean War has started when Pitura joins the band because he got bored of playing Indian music in a group called Antenat (aka ‘Nenad i Stoka’). Srđan arrives from Serbia, after he departure Andrija flies in from Montenegro, but at the end they both stayed, even though 150 years after the Crimean War Serbia and Montenegro have split into two countries and water polo has become much more interesting.”