This year’s FISE World Series began this week in Montpellier, next stop in Osijek

Montpellier visited by 600 000 spectators

This Wednesday marked the beginning of another FISE World Series. The largest European extreme sports competition, set to be a part of this year’s Pannonian Challenge, brought together more than 1800 athletes from 55 different countries on the banks of the river Lez in Montpellier.

The first day of the Montpellier experience began with the opening ceremony and was followed by the rollers’ performance. Jeremy Suarez won the first place, ornamenting himself with the gold medal. Respectively, the silver one was won by Julien Codot, while the bronze one went to Danny Alridge. Despite the windy conditions, MTB riders have shown their skills performing spectacular tricks, not allowing the day to pass without a ride on two wheels. With Nicolas Terrier winning, Lukas Knopf being the second-runner and Antonio Villonio the third-runner, the competitive part of the first day of Series had come to an end.

The next day started out pretty explosive with Adrien Bulard performing the flip fakie, one of the most challenging tricks in skaters’ world. This exact trick earned him the third place and a prize for the best performed trick of the day. The audience were hypnotized by the victorious Vincent Milau, with his fellow countryman Aurélien Giraud ending up as the second-runner.

Two days have passed with some extraordinary performances by the rollers and the skaters, and now Friday has come to open the BMX competition and the second part of the MTB contest. All kinds of bicycles swarmed the extremely well visited area. One of the BMX categories, the so called spine ramp, was a spectacle under the spotlight. Logan Martin, an Australian rider, won the final session and is expected to visit this year’s Pannonian Challenge. The well known Daniel Dhers won the silver medal, and the bronze one went to Mark Webb.

The world BMX cup finale was reserved for the last year’s top five riders – Daniel Dhers, Jake Leiv, Alex Colborn, Daniel Sandoval and Logan Martin. They were soon accompanied by 19 riders who have qualified on Friday.

The last the day of the festival ended early because of the expected rain and, despite all the efforts to continue with the competition after honoring Dave Mirra, the UCI BMX Freestyle Park final was cancelled. The final results were therefore taken from the qualifications. Among the riders’ names one familiar also popped out – Marin Ranteš won the 12th place. Congratulations!

In just five days, the event was visited by over 600 000 spectators! This witnesses not only the growing popularity of extreme sports, but also the overall development of the urban culture.

Montpellier was not lacking in action and adrenaline, and the similar atmosphere is also highly desired in Osijek because of it being the next stop in the World Series.

So #savethedate for #pannonian, that is, #fisecroatia!