Domagoj Gudac

  • Name Surname Age Country
    Domagoj Gudac, 26, Croatia
  • What brought you to skateboarding?
    My brother, if he wasn’t there I would never step on the skateboard. Thanks bro!
  • Have you ever thought skateboarding will take you to the point where you are today?
    To be honest I never expected that skateboarding would take me places where I would meet so many new people. Also, traveling around.
  • How did you spend your time in lockdown?
    In lockdown I’ve spent time in nature, where my girlfriend and I were travelling around in a van. So basically, It was like one long vacation. And of course I skateboard.
  • Favorite spot in your hometown? Send us a photo, we want to see it too 🙂
    Since the last few years I’ve lived in Zagreb, I would say the museum Mimara is my favorite spot. In Novska, my favorite spot is sports hall Novska.
  • What is the trick you worked the most in the past year?
    Actually I do not practice tricks that much, because I prefer to go on a ride and vibe more than being a nerd about it.
  • What’s the trick you usually start your session with?
    Kickflip or 360flip
  • What is that one song that puts you in the zone?
    N.W.A. – Straight Outta Compton
  • Park or street ride?
    I prefer the street, but I also like park ride.
  • All time favorite video game?
  • “South Park” or “Rick and Morty”?
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  • TikTok or YouTube?
  • Who are your riding heroes? People who influenced your riding wise.
    Steve Williams since I was little.
  • Favorite memories from Pannonian and your stay in Osijek? And lastly, any message to people from the crowd at Pannonian?
    Uhhh there are many, since every time the crew was sick so we had some pretty *** time.
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