• Name Surname Age Country
    Logan Martin, 27, Gold Coast, Australia
  • What brought you to BMX?
    I started riding BMX at age 13 when I moved into a new house which was 1 street away
    from a local skatepark. I went down there one day with my brother and the rest is history!
  • Have you ever thought BMX will take you to the point where you are today?
    I never thought in a million years I would be this successful in BMX. It was always a
    dream to make it happen and I worked hard to get here.
  • How did you spend your time in lockdown?
    I spent the lockdown Riding my backyard skatepark, working out in home gym and a lot
    of time with my wife and son! The only thing different was no travelling to competitions!
  • Favorite spot in your hometown? Send us a photo, we want to see it too 🙂 What is the trick you worked on the most in the past year?
    My backyard of course !
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  • What is the trick you worked on the most in the past year?
    That’s a secret 😉
  • What’s the trick you usually start your session with?
    A flair is probably the most common trick I would do at the start of a session!
  • What is that one song that puts you in the zone?
    Currently vibing Bliss N ESO – good people
  • Usual tire pressure?
    100 PSI
  • All time favorite video game?
    Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX!!!
  • “South Park” or “Rick and Morty”?
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  • TikTok or YouTube?
    Youtube! Subscribe to my channel!
  • Who are your riding heroes? People who influenced your riding wise.
    When I was younger I loved watching Brett Banasiewics (Maddog)!
  • Favorite memories from Pannonian and your stay in Osijek? And lastly, any message to people from the crowd at Pannonian?
    All of them, Winning the contests there has been a great accomplishment for me but Just to see the history and the culture of Osijek is amazing.
    I can’t wait to come back to Osijek! I hope to see you all there.
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