Croatian extreme sports is living its dream

Pannonian Challenge has become a part of the FISE World Series and the countdown to the biggest edition so far has begun

Pannonian Challenge has evolved from a small local-boys’ festival into a world known event. Osijek managed to put itself on the map right next to China, USA, Canada and France, and is proud to announce that in 2016. it will be a part of the FISE World Series, and a must-visit place for all the best BMX riders in the world.

Osijek, April 14th – During Press conference held in Hotel Osijek, festival’s representatives have announced, together with their guests, the biggest edition of Pannonian Challenge, extreme sports and music festival. Skate, inline, BMX and breakdance competitions will take place in Osijek from July 15th to 23rd, with overall prize money reaching 50 000 Euro.

“It is a great pleasure, in the name of Pannonian Association, to announce that Pannonian Challenge is now a part of the FISE World Series. We are proud that Osijek, also known as Drava City will host world’s most famous BMX, skate and inline names between July 15th and 23rd. They will perform tricks not seen before in Osijek and enjoy friendly atmosphere of Pannonian Challenge. I would like to thank all of the athletes, sponsors, media and our audience in Osijek that motivate us to grow every year”, said Jurica Barać, Pannonian’s director.

Executive director of Hurricane Action Sports and founder of FISE Hervé André-Benoit has seized the opportunity and visited Osijek. He did not hide his excitement for Croatia’s first FISE World Series event: “I have heard a lot about Osijek and Croatia and riders from all over the world talk about Pannonian Challenge. I knew we have to come here and I am looking forward to experience it myself.”

BMX is considered one of the most exciting live sports experiences and is scheduled to rock Osijek’s ground from July 21st to 23rd. Opening evening is set for July 15th, after which comes the skate day, and the inliners take over from July 17th. Special entertainment days are booked for 18th and 19th, and on July 20th the BMX experience begins.

Croatian Tourist Board recognized the potential of Pannonian and decided to support it as the valuable player on Croatian sports scene. “The value of this event in not solely in its touristic potential, but it also gives an example to young people how to engage in the building of the community”, Croatian Tourist Board’s Head of Marketing Tina Jukić said during the press conference.

The press conference was also joined by Osijek’s Deputy Mayor Vladimir Ham, the Deputy Mayor of Osječko-baranjska County Dragan Vulin, as well as Mr. Ivan Vrdoljak, festival’s friend and supporter for years. All of them expressed gratitude over having such an event in their territory, believing it will become one of the country’s brands.

Jurica Barać pointed out one more time that this year’s Pannonian Challenge will be the greatest extreme sports event in Croatia and in region. Also, let’s not forget that the festival generated one of the best talents nowadays, Marin Ranteš, the best Croatian BMX driver, who was present during the conference.

Keep in mind that Pannonian activities are spiced up with great night time events and parties.

Video of the press conference (Croatian)

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