[CANCELLED] Few facts about Jonathan

Even though they are still quite fresh on the Croatian music scene, Jonathan were able to attract great interest for their music in a very short time. They spent last summer touring and performing on many festivals, and some of their memorable performances include Exit Festival, INMusic Festival, Pula Film Festival and Ferragosto Jam! Among all the concerts they’ve held two particularly stand out – the first one has got to be their solo performance in Tvornica in Zagreb, while the second one includes the performance in which they shared the stage with the beloved Editors, veterans of indie music!




This year we decided to accommodate Rijeka’s beloved indie rockers and have them perform on Pannonian Challenge, with all of the above serving as a great occasion for a short interview with the group’s guitarist, Darko Petković!

Well, to kick off the interview, can you tell us who Jonathan are and what are your current projects? What does your day look like?

Jonathan’s basically a group of five dudes who happen to have a band and be great friends. We text each other stupid stuff via Viber the whole day and then get together to rehearse in the evening.

What actually led to the creation of Jonathan? You’re all well known for your previous work these past two decades, especially in Rijeka’s legendary groups such as Pasi, Let 3 and Salion.

The origins of Jonathan actually go back to 2011., to a memorial concert called ‘Slobodna Energija’. This event has been held for a string of years in memory of Damir Badurina – Bada, our dear friend, brother and former singer of a group called Unlogic Skill. Numerous bands of the second half of the 90s performed, including Salion, a band that Zoran and I were a part of. A lot of time has passed since then and some of the members weren’t available to keep performing, so we had to fill their shoes adequately. This is where our friends and fellow musicians from Rijeka jumped in – Pasi’s Darko Petković and Mandrili’s Tomislav Radinović soon joined us to become our new guitar players. We were overwhelmed with the amount of positive energy at the rehearsals and this prompted us to jam in the garage, primarily just for fun. A few months later we were joined by Pasi’s bass player Nikica Jurjević, rounding the story now known as Jonathan. Things for Jonathan are currently running their course and so far, none of us are complaining.

Are you satisfied with your overall work? You’ve hyped the entire Croatian scene in a very short time – you’ve performed on some of the most famous Croatian festivals and were the opening act for Editors. Your gigs are always sold out and you certainly know how to pack the house. How do you feel about this impact?

We are actually more than pleased and glad that the critics and the audience were able to recognize our work as something good. I believe that this is exactly what the artist who is willing to present himself publicly and do something honestly and out of passion aspires to.

Your songs are in English. Does this mean that you’re planning to expand to the foreign market?

Definitely, and this thought has been with us since the formation of the band.

Your fashion style is quite sleek. How much time do you spend arranging your outfits and overall appearance? 🙂

Thank you very much! Not nearly as much as we spend rehearsing and recording. 🙂

What do you do when you’re not performing? How do you spend your free time, if such thing even applies to you?

We actually don’t have much free time, especially now that we’re recording an entire record. We mostly work and play.

Given your enormous experience acquired on the domestic music scene, can you comment on what it looked like before and what changed the most?

To be frank, I really don’t know what to say because when I was a member of Pasi, I was actually a part of the underground scene, not this mainstream one that Jonathan is currently a

part of.

We are more than happy to have you performing on this year’s Pannonian Challenge, and we were wondering… Is there some new material to be presented and played for our audience?

There’s actually a lot of new stuff coming out, especially this new record we’ve been working on. We’re going to play it live for you and present it to the audience of this year’s Pannonian


And finally, are there any new projects or ideas in consideration?

Besides Jonathan, no, there’s nothing else. The first half of our new record is going to be released at the beginning of June, and we’re immediately heading back to the studio after that

to work on the other half, slated to come out in fall.