[CANCELLED] Justin’s Johnson

The likable guys from the band Justin’s Johnson have shared with us their memories from all the way back when they first started performing to the present day, their favourite festivals, and plans for the future. When can we expect more from these punkers? Stay tuned to find out.

Hey guys! First question is the one you heard a million times, but we have to ask it anyway, why the name – Justin’s Johnson?
My cousin and I had a little disagreement over the forums with a guy named Justin from New Zealand. Since my cousin is a computer guy, he made a website where people can vote who’s right, us or Justin.

Justin wanted the band Lagwagon to come to a village in New Zealand, but we wanted them to come to Split. Justin got pissed off because Lagwagon said they needed to find a tour manager and that a lot of things needed to be arranged for this to happen. Justin started acting like a child, he was insulting them and said that he just wants to hear them play and then he can die in peace.

We slowly started making fun of him and he got really mad, and that’s when the mockery started. We started putting pictures of Justin on our website, and not the nice ones, but the ones where he is a transvestite and a picture of Justin’s Johnson (we all know what’s a Johnson). That was a reference to my favourite movie, The Big Lebowski.

We planned everything out and made a picture with Justin’s Johnson full of herpes, then we suggested the name Justin’s Johnson. Everyone is always asking us why is our name so American and complicated, but when you’re 15 years old, you want to be American and complicated as much as possible.

By genre, how would you describe your music?
We changed our music over the time. From ska-punk that made us famous at the start of our career, these days we are combining some elements from swing with punk. We worked really hard on our new sound and we tried to make it as original as possible. The key to everything was the combination of musicians. We live and breathe as one and we all have the same interest and goals regarding the music.

Who is the leader when it comes to making big decisions regarding the band?
It all starts with vocalist and guitar player Miro Alač who writes the lyrics and does all the planning for the arrangements. Everything else we decide as a group. When we are spitballing new ideas for our new sounds, there are no stupid ideas. Our manager Šime is also one of us, so we totally trust his judgment.

You have a lot of performances behind you, which one do you fondly remember the most?
Every band member has his favourite when it comes to our performances. Miro likes to remember Tvornica from the start of your career, but other favor some other events. This year is special for us, and each concert is better than the last one. We meet a lot of new people and fans that love our new music, so expect to remember 2016 as a great year

Which band member is most adored by the female audience?
Trombonist Ivan Boban is a real stud when it comes to the ladies. Beka love the ladies that come from north of Velebit, Cyro has a more corpulent crowd of ladies, and Miro attracts bussines women because he’s soft and cuddly like a little bear. Marin is in charge of the urban part of the female audience. Frano is loved by all.

Who are your role models as musicians?
Miro: NOFX
Frane: Texas Tornados
Beka: Jacques Houdek
Cyro: Mike Patton
Ivan: Ennio Morricone
Marin: Maddness

You have performed at the Exit festival, what are you impressions? Are there any festivals that you would like to perform at, but didn’t get the chance to (except Pannonian)?
We are very excited about performing on Pannonian this year. We are also performing on Lake Fest in Nikšić for the first time this year. We got some positive feedback from our fans and audience, so we are planning to expend our horizons beyond the region in the near future.

Your music video are pretty ironic, are you the type of guys that love irony in general?
Of course. And sarcasm. And absurdity. We feed off absurdity. That’s like music to our ears.

What are your plans for the future, can we expect a new album soon?
A new album is coming out this year. It’s gonna be called „All In“ and we are very proud with it so far. We are working with some very talented people that have helped us a lot so far. We usually record in a studio in Mostar called Pavarotti. You can expect the new album in autumn.