Pannonian’s musical program will start with a bang – punk&rock Saturday

We’re starting this year’s Pannonian party with a bang, and Justin‘s Johnson will be here to make that happen! Split’s swing-ska-punk finest have held around 300 concerts, and they’ve even had the opportunity to play abroad. Imposing number of memorable performances on numerous festivals are behind them and we’re sure they’ll continue to play in the same fashion on their Pannonian Challenge debut.

Also, get ready for some good time to be provided by Zagreb’s Mašinko! We just hope there won’t be any problems with our security guards who will be on the lookout for smuggled schnapps. Anyway, see for yourself if Mašinko’s search for this powerful drink, celebrated with their biggest hit, ”Kako je Potjeh tražio rakiju?”, will indeed prove to be successful.

Rijeka’s Jonathan will present their new mini album titled ”To Love…”, but they’ll also perform some old fan favorites from their debut album ”Bliss” and single ”Getting Closer is Keeping Us Apart.” Even though they’ve branched out from punk music, Jonathan will round off this Pannonian frenzy with their fresh take on rock music.