World Cup in Montpellier is the first stop of the World Series for riders

As of this year, our Pannonian Challenge is a part of a global story – FISE World Series.

Throughout five different cities across the world, including Osijek, the best BMX riders will compete for the title of world champion, gathering points at every stop.

The first stop for the riders is Montpellier, where the world cup is going to be held from May 4 – 8.

Spanning up to five days and divided into 25 categories, this festival will depict the best of both male and female adrenaline sport. Among the contestants is Daniel Dhers, known to spectators from Osijek as the multiple winner of the Pannonian Challenge. Given that this year’s FISE World Series will see only the best BMX riders competing, we are more than sure that the next stop of the series, set in Osijek, will also be adrenaline-packed!

Until then, Montpellier awaits with its five days of adrenaline frenzy!