This year’s party is starting with an old friend of ours

DJ Omke, a familiar name to all the Pannonian fans who are usually with us from day one until the after party, is in charge of this year’s first Pannonian party which will be held in Kazamat.

Drum n bass or techno?

Both, but moderately. ☺

PC party in Kazamat or PC party in the park?

There is something about Kazamat that simply makes it special. What I like the most about the parties held there is that you are given the opportunity to see some people you haven’t seen in months, even years. Also, what I find extremely important is that the DJ has the chance to be surrounded by people, not up on some stage.

BMX, skate or inline?

All of them, but if I really had to pick just one, I would definitely go with skating because I used to skate, too.

Mixing or dancing?

Given that I’ve been a DJ for 28 years, I’d say you can’t have one without the other.

Music or women?
No discussion – music.