Pannonian Challenge – Then and now

Pannonian time machine is here to cool you off during these hot days! 🙂

We hope that we’ll be able to throw you back to the ‘good ol’ days’ with these photos, but also to encourage you to capture and build more of these, even better and more extreme!

pc III 2003 - publika, park
You’ve been with us since our humble beginnings and for that, we’re eternally grateful…


pc III 2003 - prodaja pica pc IV 2003
… and back then, well, you really needed to know your way around. 🙂

pc VIII 2007 . stari park, publika
It was never hard for us to chill…

pc IX 2008 - radovi, stari park
… or to provide help when it was needed. 🙂

pc vi 2005 - dpfp
The guys from Debeli Precjednik knew how to throw a party even back then, 10 years ago…

2008_08_24_pannonian_challenge ix PUBLIKA
… and when it comes to Pannonian torch tradition, it is nurtured even today. 🙂


pc VIII 2007 -ekipa nasice
Before all the parties and the competition itself took place, there were, of course, always the worried ones…


pc xiv poki publika
But it gets easier knowing that these guys are here to support you!


poki tram 2015With a support like that, jumping over a tram seems like a piece of cake!


pc IX 2010 - stari parkMeanwhile, we said farewell to the old park…


pc novi park radovi pc park novi radovi
… and soon got a new one…


…which simply thrills these guys!


13307224_10154307700798115_8171608112794696325_nAnd when it’s time for those 11 months to take place, followed by sadness, there’s always Warm Up Tour to cheer us up and…


11169964_10153319778303115_5152969961545047389_n…what’s left to say than that we eagerly await another Pannonian Challenge!