With PLANtaža association and the Academy of Arts to the richest cultural program ever

Even the birds (and the mosquitoes) already know that there are only two days left till the beginning of Pannonian Challenge XVII.

A lot of hard working hands made sure that this year’s festival shines at its brightest, and a part of that hard working team comes from ReArt from PLANtaža association, and from the Academy of Arts in Osijek.

Apart from the sports and music program (which we all know in detail by now) this year’s festival brings us the richest cultural program which is completely free!
This excellent cultural program we owe to creative guys from ReArt and from the Academy of Arts who managed to raise the whole festival to another level with their ideas and creations.

Apart from numerous workshops and performances, the team has worked hard on the convenient arrangement of the backyard in Vega. You will have the opportunity to see all the different ways on how to use an old skate board or a bike wheel, so that we wouldn’t forget, not even during the concerts, that BMX and skate are the reason why we’re here in the first place – on the biggest and best festival of extreme sports!

Hence, a big thanks to everyone who helped in developing and perfecting our Pannonian.
The excitement, adrenaline and spectacle is awaiting you in only two days on the other side of the river Drava!

See you guys!